Numerology And Gemstones

All Planets have its electro – magnetic field. Gemstones are recommended as per the numerology fate number and destiny number of a person. Gemstones are used so as to increase auspicious or positive effects of the planets and to remove obstacles in our life. It is evident to select correct Gemstone.

The Gemstones absorbs the energy of the planets and transfer it in our body so a person gets direct benefits from the planets. Thus a Gemstones work as a bridge by transmission of Planets Energy into our body and to increase its positive or auspicious effect in our life.

Each Planets have its own Gemstone and needs to be worn after thorough analysis so as to get auspicious effect of the planets in our life.

Below are the list of Planets with Fate Number and their Gemstone

Sun - 1 - Ruby

Moon - 2 - Pearl

Jupiter - 3 - Yellow Sapphire

Rahu - 4 - Hessonite

Mercury - 5 - Emerald

Venus - 6 - Diamond

Ketu - 7 - Cats eye

Saturn - 8 - Blue Sapphire

Mars - 9 - Red Coral   

Thus Gemstones are recommended only after complete in – depth analysis to improve for complete wellness.